ABBEY AND MALIYA / by Ren Wightman

Abbey has one of the best friends a little girl could ask for in Maliya. These two are inseparable! Maliya lives around the corner and is the same age as Abbey. Maliya's family situation is very similar to ours. She doesn't have any cousins her age and not a lot of family in the area. This allows for the two to be together a lot. Maliya is quick to bring Abbey a note if she's sick, they attend a dance class together and are also in the same first grade class. Today they got to spend some time together in the park. Maliya also had dinner with us. While my kids were refusing to eat the dinner we prepared (and eating PopTarts instead) Maliya enjoyed meat and potatoes. What a gal! We are so grateful for Maliya and the happiness she brings into Abbey's life.